Signs Your iPhone Speaker Needs To Be Fixed!

Problems in the phone’s audio quality can be quite frustrating. Though most users are only bothered about the camera quality of a phone, it is also necessary to check the speakers when evaluating the overall functioning of a phone. All Apple products are popular for their mind-blowing operating system and security. Additionally, the aftersales service of Apple is also a drawing factor. iPhones have always been top-notch in their functioning and camera quality. Also, with every iOS update, there is an improvement in the performance of the device. Well, even though everything seems to be perfect in an iPhone, poor audio quality is a common issue faced by most users. It can be rightly said that the iPhone’s speaker often experiences glitches in its functioning. Apart from the stated, sudden battery drain, frozen screen, non-functioning home button, etc. are some other problems faced by iPhone users. A problematic iPhone speaker is likely to hinder your everyday call communication too. It is best to approach an iPhone service center in Thane if your phone’s speaker has stopped working! Here are some common issues and fixes to resolve your iPhone’s speaker problems.

  • Unable to Hear a Call

Many times, iPhone users have complained that they are unable to hear the caller or the caller is unable to hear them. Even though checking the volume button is the first thing everyone does when this happens, it may not always save the case. You can either check for software updates to tackle the issue or simply go to an authorised iPhone service center in Thane.

  • Headset Mode Constantly On

If the headphone icon is switched on even when the headphones are not connected to the device, then there is a possibility that the jack is filled with some external particles or dirt. Make sure you keep the phone clean and remove accumulated dust particles.

  • Poor Sound Quality

Disturbed sound quality in an iPhone can be caused due to poor hardware or physical damage.

Try restarting your phone or upgrade to the latest iOS version to solve the issue. If the problem still does not get resolved then you must visit a certified iPhone repair centre.

Every iPhone service center in Thane is well-equipped with trained professionals.

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