3 Mind Boggling Facts about MacBooks to Know

A lot of people own MacBooks today owing to their super efficiency and ease of being carried about. Lighter and slimmer than most laptops, MacBooks have certainly become favourites for many. Whether you own a MacBook or don’t, here are some fun facts we came across that you should know!

Your MacBook can sign documents for you

Signing documents in today’s day and age where everything can be done online sounds mundane. However, that does not remove the need for signing documents in certain industries and areas that require a mandate signature. Your MacBook works as your saviour in such cases. Rather than having to print out the documents in order to sign them, you can just use the Preview program features that allows you to save a signature which can be placed on the necessary documents!

Your MacBook is sensitive to smoke

Smokers, be very alert! If you are in the habit of smoking regularly and own a MacBook, we have grave news for you. Your MacBooks are extremely sensitive to secondhand smoke. And we know many of you have foregone reading the manual completely. So, here’s some advice for you. Keep your MacBooks far in another room when you decide to smoke. Any tar found in the MacBook compartments owing to the smoke in the air will completely void the warranty that you have on your MacBooks. 

Don’t believe us? It’s time you read the manual. 

MacBooks were first to introduce the trackball technology

Everyone remembers the trackball technology that the mouse was fitted with after years of using the mouse pad. Not only did the trackball make using the mouse convenient but also became a more popular choice as compared to the mouse without trackballs. However, not many know that this technology was first introduced by the predecessors of the MacBook – the PowerBook. The introduction of the technology made it a huge success back in the day for a while.

While it is cool to know these facts as a loyal MacBook user, you must also visit on the most trusted service centres for MacBook repair in Bandra rather than visiting any shop to reduce repair costs. Remember, the better you handle your MacBooks, the longer they will stay with you.

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