Tips To Clean And Maintain Your iWatch

Apart from smartphones and laptops, people are now readily investing in smartwatches too. Apple’s iWatch is by far the most liked and preferred smartwatch in the market. The iWatch is very flexible and fits every look which makes it worthy. Most people who buy an iWatch wear it regularly because it is not just stylish but is extremely purposeful too. With mind-blowing tech capabilities, the iWatch is certainly the best gadget to purchase. Just like smartphones and laptops, even iWatch needs proper care and maintenance. Though the iWatch is known for being durable and scratch-resistant, it is bound to accumulate dirt and dust with regular use. The fitness-friendly device needs proper care and cleaning. The smooth functioning of the device also depends on the way it is used. It is best to approach a well-experienced Apple service center in Bandra West for the cleaning and servicing of iWatch. Here are some simple tips to clean and maintain your iWatch.

  • Focus on the Watch Band

Cleaning an iWatch also means taking care of the band. Different materials need different cleaning methods. For instance, a leather band can be cleaned with the help of a lint-free cloth but should not be soaked in water. Additionally, a sports band needs regular cleaning because it attracts loads of germs and gunk. Light cleaning daily can help you maintain your bands.

  • Cleaning the Digital Crown

When dirt accumulates in the digital crown it will create resistance in its movement. Remove the band from the watch and then clean the digital crown for effective cleaning. A microfiber cloth works the best for digital crown cleaning.

  • Keep the Watch away from Harsh Chemicals

Keep your iWatch away from abrasive cleaning materials and chemicals. Most Apple watches are water-resistant and can withstand submersion too. Cleaning the watch with a slightly damp cloth can also give you good results. Understand your device clearly and only then implement the cleaning techniques.

Consult a professional Apple service center in Bandra West for your iWatch cleaning and servicing.

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